Indie games to look out for during the Steam Sale 2017!

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The Mana Marketing staff here, and we wanted to share some indie games that you should keep an eye on during the upcoming Summer Steam Sales! Our last Horror Indie Games picks was well-received and this time around, we thought we’d shine some light on indie games you don’t want to miss. These games are mainly released within 2016-2017. Hopefully, we’ll help you discover some new hidden gems!

We also want to say that all these games we list here are well worth the money at full price! If you have an itching to play any of them, then go ahead and support the developers if you’re able to pay full price. They deserve it!

Note: We cannot be sure that the following games will go on sale come June.


steam sale 2017

Original price: $9.99 USD
Categories: Adventure, Story Rich, Puzzle

In this story-rich adventure game, you’re tasked with guiding a child to help restore their world’s long-dead sun. Expect a darker atmosphere, meta-elements, and tears. This game is often compared to Undertale, so if you enjoyed that, this is one to pick up!

The game takes around 4-5 hours to beat, but don’t underestimate how much it can pack into that time. You’re sure to leave falling in love with the characters and the remnants of a beautiful, but dying world.


Pony Island

steam sale 2017

Original price: $4.99 USD
Categories: Puzzle, Psychological Horror, Story Rich

What could possibly go wrong when you’re transported to a world of happy ponies? It turns out when that world is controlled by the devil himself, rainbows and unicorns aren’t as magical as they may seem.

At first glance, the game may look like a fairly straightforward puzzle game, but as you get deeper into the story (and closer to your demise), you’ll have to repair broken computer codes, fend off satanic enemies, and really think outside the box. Get ready for some meta humor, lasers, and secrets around every corner.

Night in the Woods

Steam Sale 2017

Original price: $19.99 USD
Categories: Story Rich, Adventure, Exploration

Night in the Woods is an exploration and story-driven adventure, where the College dropout Mae Borowski returns back to her hometown of Possum Springs. She returns to find out that things have changed. Friends have grown up. Home seems strangely different now.

Night in the Woods offers a vibrant world to be dropped into, with engaging characters and an alluring visual aesthetic. Oh, also all the characters are animals.

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone

*Full disclosure: We’ve worked with Clone Drone in the Danger Zone previously to help them with PR outreach. This recommendation is not based on that fact. 

Steam Sale 2017

Original price: $14.99 USD
Categories: Action, Arena, Fighting

What happens when you die? It turns out your body gets incinerated but your consciousness is transferred into a robot gladiator shell. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right? Not exactly. You’ll have to fight your way through challenges in an ever-changing arena as you get heckled at by robot commentators. If you’re skilled enough to avoid death, you may earn upgrades to keep you alive just a little longer. It’s a hard life.

Luckily, it seems like something bigger is in store for you, our hero. In story mode, you’ll live through a tale of defiance. What will be the future of mankind? That rests entirely on your robot, sword-wielding hands!

Hollow Knight

Steam Sale 2017

Original price: $14.99 USD
 Metroidvania, Platformer, Adventure

Evoking the feel of a classic side-scrolling Metroidvania game, Hollow Knight has you play as a tiny insect warrior. Your foes are deadly, but at the same time, the art makes them charming. It’s no easy feat trying to defeat bosses and collecting enough money to purchase maps for new areas from shopkeepers.

What about the story? In your quest to lift a curse from the town of Dirtmouth, you’ll run into quests where you may start questioning your own actions. If you enjoyed Dark Souls and Castlevania titles, you owe it to yourself to try out this indie title.

Pit People

Steam Sale 2017

Original price: $14.99 USD
Categories: Strategy, Action, Turn-based

Get ready for hilarious narrations to follow you as you journey through a post-apocalyptic world! You’ll have to equip fearsome weapons (i.e. a giant pencil), defeat vicious enemies (i.e. cupcake people) in order to survive in this new world.

If you’ve enjoyed other titles from Behemoth such as BattleBlock Theater or Castle Crashers, you should definitely check out their step into the world of strategy games with Pit People! And if you’ve played their past titles, you most likely know your playthrough will be full of laughs in the ridiculous and colorful worlds Behemoth is known to create.


The Sexy Brutale

Steam Sale 2017

Original price: $19.99 USD
Categories: Adventure, Puzzle, Mystery
Enter a masquerade ball with, not one, but several murders in one day! Not only that, you must relive this day over again and again and again. In The Sexy Brutale, you are a guest to a masquerade party where murders happen throughout the day. Once the day ends, time rewinds and the same day happens once again.
You must learn how (and why) these murders are happening and interfere with the murderers’ plans. The rewinding is very reminiscent of Majora’s Mask where you have the power to alter what happens in the repeating day in this clever puzzle game.

The Wild Eight

Steam Sale 2017

Original price: $19.99 USD
Categories: Survival, Adventure, Multiplayer

So we’ve seen a fair share of survival games pop up over the last few years. The Wild Eight offers only hardcore mode, in which you will lose everything if you die. Known to be challenging, this game is best enjoyed with a friend. Each of the eight survivors you can choose from has unique perks, so make sure to divide up the tasks each of you will have to take responsibility for in order to survive.

It’s cold, food is scarce, and worst of all, abandoned military labs and bunkers are filled with unpleasant surprises. There are quests you’ll have to tackle too throughout the game. What exactly are they hiding in Alaska?


Steam Sale 2017
Original Price: $14.99 USD
Categories: Action, Adventure, Platformer
Flinthook is a fast action platforming game with “roguelike” elements. You are a space pirate, ready to plunder the seas (of space!) with your trusty hookshot and your Blasma Pistol! What makes this roguelike different is that you have a hookshot which you can use to zip around the levels while shooting at enemies midflight. You also have the ability to slow down time, which helps in aiming and accurately hooking. The game has solid controls and lets you explore and plunder randomly assembled spaceships. Ready to be the space pirate you always wanted to be?

What Remains of Edith Finch

Original Price: $19.99 USD
Categories: Adventure, Story Riched, Walking Simulator
Explore the house and the tales behind the cursed Finch family. You play as Edith Finch, the last surviving member of the family. You search your house to look for stories of the past to figure out why you are the last one alive. Each story you play, you will experience what it was like as one of the family members on the day of their death. What Remains of Edith Finch is a heavily story driven game that drops you into the emotional rollercoaster of the Finch family.
Of course, there are a plethora of other indie games that are also amazing that we didn’t get a chance to list here. If you have other indie games that you think we should keep an eye on, feel free to share them with us in the comments!

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